GradPathways Launch Week Faculty and Staff Raffle

Faculty and Staff Prizes:

The GradPathways Institute for Professional Development will hold a raffle for books that cover aspects of graduate student and postdoctoral scholar professional development at the Open House event.  Only UC Davis staff or faculty are eligible to win and must attend to enter (link provided at the event).  

Book titles:
  • Getting Mentored in Graduate School by W. Brad Johnson and Jennifer M. Huwe
  • Putting the Humanities PhD to Work: Thriving in and beyond the Classroom by Katina L. Rogers
  • Next Gen PhD: A Guide to Career Paths in Science by Melanie V. Sinche
  • A Field Guide to Grad School: Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum by Jessica McCrory Calarco
  • The Academic Job Search Handbook by Julia Miller, Jennifer S. Furlong, and Roseanne Lurie
  • Equity in Science: Movements for Racial and Gender Inclusion in Graduate Education by Julie Posselt

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