PFTF Fellows 2020-2021

2020-2021 Professors for the Future Fellows

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Expedition Behaviors: Leadership Tools for the Academic Journey

PFTF Fellow Charlotte

Charlotte Ambrozek

(Ph.D. student, Agricultural and Resource Economics)






A Guide to Original Survey Research: Qualtrics Design, Online Recruitment, and Data Cleaning

PFTF Fellow AbbeyAbbey Berghaus

(Ph.D. student, Sociology)







Data Management Tools for Transparent, Reproducible Research

PFTF Fellow Victoria

Victoria Farrar

(Ph.D. student, Animal Behavior)






A Beginner's Guide to Python, GitHub, and Zenodo: Tools for Sharing Data Analysis Methods

PFTF Fellow Jason

Jason Fell

(Postdoctoral Scholar, Genome Center)







Practicing Mindfulness as Academic Scholars

PFTF Fellow Keith

Keith Fraga

(Ph.D. student, Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology)




Python Bootcamp: Preparing Incoming Grad Students for the Programming Requirements of Courses and Research

PFTF Fellow Sommer

Sommer L. Johansen

(Ph.D. student, Chemistry)







Having Hard Conversations: Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution

PFTF Fellow Jianping

Jianping Pan

(Ph.D. student, Mathematics)







Utilizing Active Learning Strategies for Effective and Engaging Lessons

PFTF Fellow LyndseyLyndsey Ruiz

(Ph.D. student, Nutritional Biology)






Developing a Collaborative Relationship with Stakeholders

Head shot of Salini Sasidharan

Salini Sasidharan

(Postdoctoral scholar, Land, Air, and Water Resources)






Beyond AB540: Enhancing the Undocumented Grad Student Experience in the University

PFTF Fellow Roy
Roy B. Taggueg

(Ph.D. student, Sociology)






How to Keep Mothers in STEM in the Academia Pipeline?

PFTF Fellow Kira

Kira Tiedge

(Postdoctoral scholar, Plant Biology)






Teaching-as-Mentoring Workshop Series: Professional Development through Purposeful Teaching

PFTF Fellow PeterPeter Joseph Torres

(Ph.D. student, Linguistics)








Addressing Financial Barriers to Participation in STEM

PFTF Fellow Olivia

Olivia Winokur

(Ph.D. student, Entomology)







Developing Inclusive Curricula Based on Diverse Faculty Perspective

PFTF Fellow Lynea

Lynea Witczak

(Ph.D. student, Psychology)




Visualization of Scientific Data for Public Communication

PFTF Fellow Jiyoon

Jiyoon Yi

(Ph.D. student, Food Science)

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