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Research Computing Pathway
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The Research Computing Pathway provides training in research computing from the UC Davis DatalabData Science and Informatics to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at UC Davis get started with leveraging data science technologies for their research. This pathway covers introductory training in working directly with your computer's shell, querying databases, and writing scripts in an object-oriented programming language for working with data.  Topics include:

  • Unix Command Line,
  • SQL,
  • R and Python programming, and more.

This pathway is ideal for anyone seeking to build foundational computational skills for research, and takes 29-50 hours to complete. Starting with UNIX command line, this pathway consists of 11 required training sessions as well as at least 2 additional electives.  Participants are expected to complete code submissions, case studies, and reports in order to earn badges.

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How to Enroll:

To enroll in the Research Computing pathway please complete the form on the right.  You may enroll at any time, even if you have already completed some or all of the requirements.  You will be enrolled in 1-2 business days.  If you have any questions, please contact

Pathway Progression Requirements:

Microbadge: Introduction to Unix Command Line Submission Guide
Microbadge: Introduction to Databases Submission Guide
Microbadge: Getting Started with SQL Submission Guide
Microbadge: Python Fundamentals Submission Guide
     Microbadge: Python Basics Submission Guide
     Microbadge: Beyond Basics, Python Fundamentals Submission Guide
Microbadge: R Fundamentals Submission Guide
     Microbadge: R Basics Submission Guide
     Microbadge: Beyond Basics, R Fundamentals Submission Guide
Microbadge: Introduction to Version Control with Git
Microbadge: Reproducible Research with GitHub for Teams
Microbadge: Collaborative and Reproducible Research Practices
Microbadge: Responsible Data Science
Microbadge: Research Computing Electives Submission Guide


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